Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The problem with thigh length boots....

Thigh boots are on trend. Me being a smug shoenista that I am, I've had mine for a few seasons now. I have to admit, they give you the urge to slap your thigh, like a pantomime principle boy (overseas readers of this blog, you might have to Google it, it's a very British thing). But they are warm and wonderful if you don't like your knees. Although I draw the line at high heeled ones. Too Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

But, from a retailers point of view, thigh length boots are a nightmare to display. It's impossible to get them to look good. I photographed this one in a store window of Milan. They really struggled with this one didn't they? Perhaps someone needs to invent an artificial bendy leg, quick and rescue these poor vendors and their boots.

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