Wednesday, 30 September 2009

OMG! Shoes!

This is definately Not Safe For Work, contains sound and rather alot of swearing! I love the sentiment though - OMG Shoes!

Now here's the science bit

Found on the Gizmodo blog whilst researching the Mojito shoe - love it!

The Mojito Shoe

Designed by Architect Julian Hakes this is about as minimalist as you can get, even more minimalist than the United Nude Mobius strip shoe.

I'm a teeny bit suspicious though, no photos of it anywhere on the web, on the foot, being worn.

Looks pretty cool though doesn't it? Makes the old Ferragamo heeless shoes look a bit boring!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

I didn't know which blog I should post this on

Should I post this on my boating blog or my shoe blog. Hmmm. It's a tough call.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Prada Waders. So who are these aimed at then? I would imagine Madonna would've been a customer a few years ago, when she was going through her shooting and fishing and British accent phase, but now she's dumped Guy Ritchie. So who will buy them, then? Answers on a postcard.....
from Naxmix via Twitter.
Thanks Naxmix!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The problem with thigh length boots....

Thigh boots are on trend. Me being a smug shoenista that I am, I've had mine for a few seasons now. I have to admit, they give you the urge to slap your thigh, like a pantomime principle boy (overseas readers of this blog, you might have to Google it, it's a very British thing). But they are warm and wonderful if you don't like your knees. Although I draw the line at high heeled ones. Too Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

But, from a retailers point of view, thigh length boots are a nightmare to display. It's impossible to get them to look good. I photographed this one in a store window of Milan. They really struggled with this one didn't they? Perhaps someone needs to invent an artificial bendy leg, quick and rescue these poor vendors and their boots.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Micam was excellent

I had a really good time at Micam. Some productive meetings were had. Some lovely new factories (to me) we met.

Although new trend was a bit thin on the ground I'm pleased to announce that the gladiator sandal is in it's death throes. I do actually like gladiators, I just get a bit bored when a trend hangs around for what seems like an age.

Super high platforms are still on trend too - no good for a boater like me. Still, at least I can 'get it out of my system,' by designing them. :)

Anyway, I took some photos of some fantastic student projects which had been made for a Micam design competitition. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm coming to Micam!

Well, my flights are finally booked and I'll be descending on Fiera Milano this Thursday and Friday. Link to fair details
My plan is to visit the Fair on Thursday and Friday and take a look at the shops on Saturday, not missing my favourite ice cream shop in the Navigli area (because I can not ever stay away from the canals, whichever city they might be in). If you want to meet me - business or social (even just to say hi), or you really need to know where that ice cream shop is, send me an email via
I'm looking forward to it, big time!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Best news I've heard all month!

Jewellery designer Lara Bohinc is going to launch a shoe line. Wooohoo!

I love Lara Bohinc, lots - right back from when she designed under the name Lara Boeing 747 (Boeing objected to her then brand name heh).

I have one of her bags, gorgeous gunmetal clutch with a chrome stamped metal clasp.

So this is great, the line will be launched for Spring 2010, I'm really, really, hoping that this will be shown at Micam so I can have a sneak preview.

Another jewellery designer I'd like to see going into shoes is Pauric Sweeney. I've been a fan of his designs for a long time, in fact since he sold transparent chokers with fake prosacs in them to ravers on his stall at Portobello market. Do you remember them, Pauric? I do!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Manolo throws a hissy fit.

Manolo isn't happy about his SATC associations. Perhaps the ladies who lunch, of Manhattan, who buy his shoes, aren't happy about it either.
I have to say, I'm definately NOT a SATC fan, I'm with you on this one. But, Manolo, did you know, when you do a Google image search for your name, THIS image comes up. Sorry, mate. :(
:( :( :(

Monday, 7 September 2009

Shoe Design Competition #2 Donald J Pliner

Another shoe design competition, again where the winner gets their shoe made, they get a cash prize and even better, its for a good cause!

In this one they're not going to help themselves to your fantastic idea for a new heel (well I hope not!)

More info here - bizarrely I can't find the information on Donald J Pliners website, but it does say you can pick up an entry form in any of his stores, link to the blog post is here

Design your own shoes #1

Now I'm in two minds about this, this isn't really a competition as there isn't really a prize....

Ok, crowd sourcing, it's the latest thing isn't it? I for one love the t shirt site threadless.

Ok, if they pick your shoe it gets named after you and you are featured on their site....

But alarm bells start ringing in my head when I read, 'We might use the whole thing, base a design of our own on it or just part of it. And your idea might only be for part of a shoe anyway.'

Ok, got that, so you're going to use us as a free design resource, just cherry picking our ideas, right? Thanks but no thanks all the same :)