Monday, 22 February 2010

Naughty, thieving Mr Park

I do love a bizarre shoe thievery story:
''A second hand shoe shop owner stole more than a thousand pairs of designer shoes by posing as a mourner in Korea.
His haul of more than 1,200 shoes were displayed by police today in Seoul in the hope that their owners can retrieve them.
The 59-year-old thief, named only as 'Mr Park' had literally walked off with his booty from funeral homes and hospitals across the capital.''

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Source: Daily Mail

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fabulous magazine shoe design competition

Another one!

fabulous is the free mag that comes with famed scandal sheet News Of The World. So, once you have read what Ashley Cole has done and what Cheryl plans to do about it, get your pencils and sketchbook and get creating.

......and the deadline is March 29. the winning shoe design will be produced and on sale in faith stores this Winter 2010.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

ITS Shoe Design Competition

I'm flat out busy (as I always am this time of year) but I thought I better blog about this competition to give you enough time to enter it. The ITS International Talent Search takes place every year - it's a competition ope not only to shoe designers but to accessory designers.

As I'm in a hurry, I'm going to C+P the entry letter here:-


We just wanted to let you know that International Talent Support is back with ITS#NINE!!

If you didn't enrol last year, you can't miss the opportunity this year!

And if you did enrol but you didn't make it to the finals, this doesn't mean you will never make it! Remember that we had many finalists in the past who enrolled several times before actually being selected. So this could be your turn, you don't have to give up!!

The process is just the same as last year, so go to and read out very well all of the regulament for ITS#ACCESSORIES. You will notice that this year our partner for the accessories field YKK has changed the Special Project for the YKK Award, so read out very carefully what you need to prepare!!

And if you know about other young accessories designers who could be interested in enrolling, send us their contacts, or simply spread the word and have them enrol!

Our Schools & Contestants Office is always available for any doubt you might have:

We hope to receive your entry!!
All the best from ITS
ITS Team

You can find out more on the website Hurry because the deadline is 25th March 2010!!
Good luck and do let me know if you win!