Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Tart of the Trade Award for most copied design.

This award is named after an old shoe salesmans term for a winning style.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you, the studded strapped short biker (middle pic). I think possibly Russell and Bromley did this first, then everyone did their version. Infact I bet you can't find a shoe shop or shoe department on the UK high street that doesn't have them. I challenge you!

And judging by what I saw at Micam in September it won't be going away for 2010 - Sienna Miller - it's all your fault! (pics from The Daily Mail).

Special mention goes out to the Steve Madden 'Banglez' gladiator (top). See what you did there, Steve, you didn't copy anyone for once and you got a winner!

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