Wednesday, 11 November 2009

80's things that were uncool in the 80's. A pondering

I was a teenager in the 80's so I've a bit of a love-hate thing going on with the 80's fashion revival. For a start, the stuff that's in the stores now, the throwbacks, such as glitzy batwing sweaters was certainly not considered cool by us 80's trendies.

We were all about wearing head-to-toe black, bright red lipstick and doc marten boots. We wanted to be the 80's model Jeny Howarth (whose looks and style were the spit of noughties supermodel Agyness Deyn!). I also went through the obligatory goth phase but mustl've been a bit confused because I loved hip hop too and went to see a Public Enemy gig in all my goth finery!

I loved Duran Duran and they were hopelessly uncool in the Eighties. Now it seems to be ok to admit to liking them. Which brings me onto the reason for this post.

Reebok is rereleasing its pump hi top boot for it's 20th anniversary. I think it's actually gonna be cool this time around, yep. I can remember it certainly wasn't in the 80's. It was probably released as a 'response' to the runaway success of Nike Air.
I recall a particular party at some squatted apartment that I went to with a friend back then, it was a hip hop jam, with mc's dj, you know the sort of thing.

Well I say 'went' but they wouldn't let my friend in because he was wearing Reebok hi tops and they were considered uncool! They laughed at him.

So heres a piccie of the re-relased Pump boot in it's anniversary plumage. You know what? I tend to agree, this is cool, it must be a bit of a grower - a twenty year grower.

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