Saturday, 29 November 2008

On Shoes excellent website

I've always loved Sugar shoes, I had something like four or five pairs of the funky floral boots that they are known for. These are an excellent winter version of. They remind me of the boots that Hong Kong teenagers wear, the kind of boots I have spent literally hours traipsing around the street markets of said city to find, but they never had them in my size! Finally I've found them on a UK website.

Us shoe designers really rate Vibram soles, they are the hardest wearing of all - as I sit here typing this - I'm wearing my Merrel sheepskin boots with yup, Vibram soles. I saw these vibram mentalist shoes in Italy last summer, had no idea you could get them here. I reckon they'd be great for boating - I won't fall off the gunwhates when I wear these babies!

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