Saturday, 19 April 2008

Vintage markets

I spent yesterday doing the vintage markets in London. I'm making storyboards for a new client and I haven't been to Portobello for a while. As is traditional, as always when I go out into the wide world to do my research, it was terrible weather. No rain, but bitterly cold.

As I was buying shoes on a stall in Portobello, the stall almost blew away, the tarp behaving like a big sail!

After Portobello I went to my most favouritist vintage market, Alfies. This is a brilliant, brilliant place to pick up anything cool and vintage - I especially like The Girl Can't Help It, owned by the aptly named and pin up proportioned Sparkle Moore
Anyway, I came back with lots of shoes.... my haul is above. In front of my traditional canalboat wood bucket. Family heirloom that wood bucket, perhaps some of the shoes I bought are as old as that bucket, I dunno...

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